Using screenshots to predict content - How to teach English using videos EP03

In this episode we will be showing you how screenshots taken from a video can be used to generate interest and get students to predict the content. Checking their ideas against what they later hear and see in the video can also function as a great first listening task. 

We’re using two amazing short videos in the tutorial, both of which we found at Kieran Donaghy's popular Film English site: Fear of Flying and 5 things every presenter needs to know about people . Also download this and this accompanying worksheet we've made. :) 

Anna Csíky, iSLCollective Teacher Trainer

Do you have 1 minute for us? We are doing a quick survey to better understand your use of videos in class, and take advantage of this insight in developing our video quiz solution. Thank you for filling out this short form.

Peter Laszlo, iSLCollective co-founder


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Task description & scene summary

Task description:
Students will answer the questions about what they see and hear in the video as well as make predictions.
Scene summary:
Old West bank robbers travel to present day. They win a race and then play music at a bingo hall.
Video length: 5 minutes 9 seconds
Video genre: Music video
Lesson type: Asking about the visuals ("What can/could you see?")
Student types:
Copyright license: Creative Commons Attribution License
First published: 2019-06-19, 09:59:42 (GMT+1)

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Video quiz questions (printable)

1) What's in the bag?

  • diamonds
  • shekels
  • money (dollars)
  • a cat

2) "Boss, I'm flabbergasted, why'd we stop?" ... Flabbergasted means...

  • hungry
  • surprised/shocked
  • angry
  • very tired

3) These men are:

  • doctors
  • sheriffs
  • horse racers
  • bank robbers

4) What happened last time he was here?

  • They made him sleep outside
  • They weren't too welcoming to outsiders
  • They gave him a good food
  • they went too crazy

5) What just happened?

Answer the question using your own words

6) The people are all:

  • scared
  • delighted
  • excited
  • flabbergasted

7) Fill in the blanks

Fill the gap: "I'm gonna ride 'til I can't no ________________________

8) What words are used to rhyme with horse?

  • force and church
  • purse and first
  • worse and worse
  • Porsche and porch

9) Correct the mistake

Correct the wrong word: She is hip-hop rapping

10) There was a race ______ a horse and a car

  • after
  • between
  • for
  • playing

11) Put the words in the correct order

Put the words in order: the horse race. beat car the The in


Fill the gap: He's happy because he just ________________________ (buy) new clothes.

13) Where are they?

  • a school
  • a hospital
  • a bingo hall
  • a hat store

14) Fill in the missing words

Fill the gap: Hat ________________________ cross ________________________ livin' like a rockstar.

15) what are they doing?

  • Belly dancing
  • breakdancing
  • ballet dancing
  • line dancing

16) "Faster than a speeding ______"

  • bullet
  • car
  • bull
  • cougar

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