Regular past intro (mostly) - Beyonce at UN on World Humanitarian Day

RaLinda45 January 10, 2019


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Task description & scene summary

Task description:
Listen to recognize then use regular past simple with some exposure to irregular verbs and perfect tense.
Scene summary:
Beyonce sings "I was here" at the UN on World Humanitarian Day with videos of the world.
Video length: 4 minutes 34 seconds
Video genre: Music video
Lesson type: Basic listening comprehension - Hearing check ("Can you make out the words being said?")
Student types:
Communicative function: how to deny or admit something in English
Copyright license: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike License
First published: 2019-01-10, 21:34:48 (GMT+1)

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Video quiz questions (printable)

1) What does she want to say?

  • She live each day until she die.
  • She lived each day until she die
  • She lived each day until she died.

2) What will she leave?

  • the hards that she rushed
  • the hearts that she touched
  • the hurts that she hushed

3) What did she do when she was here?

  • She did; she done.
  • She lived; she loved.
  • She did; she was.

4) What things has she done?

  • everything that she wanted
  • everything that she want it
  • something she wanted

5) What did she say?

Put the words in order: here; I loved. lived; I I was

6) What did she say she did?

Put the words in order: that I wanted" "everything

7) What did she bring someone?

  • appiness
  • happiness
  • sappiness

8) How much did she do?

  • more and she thought
  • more than she taught
  • more than she thought

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