Video quiz of the month: Serial taxi

In June, we are featuring a video quiz created around a short thriller called Serial Taxi, talking about why we like it and how we would use it in class.

This time we offer three different focuses or lessons aims that could work with different class profiles: a prediction task involving productive skills (speaking or writing), a grammar focus on narrative tenses, as well as vocabulary work around expressions containing the word kill.

Hope you get to try one or all of these ideas soon.


Anna Csíky, iSLCollective Teacher Trainer

Rivals and Masha and the Bear

TatyanaGogoleva June 11, 2019


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Task description & scene summary

Task description:
You are to revise the prepositions, the Present Simple, the Present Continuous, the Past Simple, the Past Continuous and the Present Perfect, the degrees of comparison, plurals, articles, stative verbs
Scene summary:
Bear's relative have just coma and he has made friends with Masha, they are competing all the time and Bear just enjoys the time spent with them
Video length: 6 minutes 59 seconds
Video genre: Cartoon / tale for kids (e.g. Tom & Jerry, Simon's cat, Peppa Pig, Mr. Bean)
Lesson type: Grammar practice
Student types:
Copyright license: iSLCollective Copyright License
First published: 2019-06-11, 07:15:33 (GMT+1)

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Video quiz questions (printable)


Correct the wrong word: Masha said a lie yesterday.


Correct the wrong word: The animals aren't playing the basketball now.


Correct the wrong word: Masha is looking happy now.

4) The word GLORIOUS means

  • awful
  • terrible
  • horrible
  • wonderful
  • nasty

5) Which option is correct?

  • Masha can't see nobody.
  • Masha can see nobody.
  • Masha can 't see somebody.


Fill the gap: Nobody ________________________ here. (to be)

7) Masha is ....

  • boring
  • bored


Fill the gap: She ________________________ Bear now. (to see)


Fill the gap: one piano-four ________________________ one potato - three - ________________________


Match the items:
be crazyin
be interestedon
be keenabout
be fondof

11) Bear isn't fond ...... hiding.

  • in
  • at
  • on
  • about
  • of

12) in .... hurry, on...foot,, to have .... bath

  • -, -, a, -
  • a, a,-, a
  • a, - , -, a
  • the, -, -, a
  • the, the, -, the

13) FInd the right transcription of the word WHISTLE

  • [wistl]
  • [wisl]
  • [waistl]
  • [waisl]


Fill the gap: Masha is interested ________________________ reading and she is fond ________________________ running . (in, on, of, at, under, with, about)


Fill the gap: She is crazy ________________________ playing football. (at, in, on,about, of, with)


Match the items:

17) Point to the well

18) Point to the kennel


Fill the gap: It was morning. The animals ________________________ while Masha ________________________ her hair. (to hide, to brush)


Fill the gap: It was a beautiful morning. The animals ________________________ when they suddenly ________________________ Masha. (to walk, to meet)

21) What did Masha say?

  • When do you arrive? Did you had a nice trip?
  • When did you arrive? Does you have a nice trip?
  • When did you arrive? Did you have a nice trip?

22) introduce somebody ....somebody - представлять кого-то кому-то

  • in
  • for
  • to
  • at
  • by


Fill the gap: Bear ________________________ just ________________________ Masha to Panda. (to introduce)


Fill the gap: Masha ________________________ already ________________________ her name. (to pronounce)


Fill the gap: When they left, Masha ________________________ to follow them. (to decide)


Fill the gap: Panda ________________________ at this moment that Masha ________________________ her bike very well. (to see, can to ride)


Correct the wrong word: When they will come home, Masha will wait for them.

28) Masha isn't satisfied... her trick.

  • at
  • on
  • with
  • about
  • for

29) Bearis angry .... Masha.

  • at
  • on
  • by
  • with
  • in


Fill the gap: They will have a lot of problems if they ________________________ down in a second. (to fall)

31) Choose the right option

  • What is the weather like today?
  • What does the weather like today?
  • What do the weather likes today?

32) There are a lof of trees .....

  • on left
  • in the left
  • at left
  • on the left
  • at the left

33) Choose the right option

  • Masha have got a friend.
  • Masha has gotten a friend.
  • Masha has a friend.
  • Masha hasn't two friends.


Fill the gap: They ________________________ home today. (to come)

35) Write as many tense markers for the Present Perfect Simple as you can.

Answer the question using your own words

36) Write down as many tense markers for the Past Simple as you can

Answer the question using your own words

37) The friends are waiting .....tea now.

  • at
  • for
  • in
  • by
  • on


Fill the gap: Masha is ________________________ girl in the room. (naughty)


Fill the gap: one safe - two ________________________ one cliff-three ________________________

40) to depend ......

  • at
  • on
  • in
  • by
  • from


Fill the gap: Bear ________________________ some sweets on the table. There ________________________ a lot of sweets on the table. (to put, to be)


Fill the gap: Bear ________________________ tea. The friends were happy. (to pour)


Fill the gap: The animals ________________________ tea. They ________________________ full now. (to drink, to be)


Fill the gap: They ________________________ everything. The plate is empty. (to eat)


Fill the gap: Bear ________________________ for some jam while the animals were fighting. (to look)


Fill the gap: They ________________________ at each other now, they ________________________ unhappy. (to look, to look)

47),, by....heart

  • -, a, -
  • -, -, -
  • the, the, the
  • a, a, a


Fill the gap: one toy - three ________________________ one fly-seven ________________________


Fill the gap: They ________________________ to draw now. (not to want)

50) Write the expressions with HAVE that can be used in the Present Continuous tense.

Answer the question using your own words

51) They are playing ...draughts now.

  • the
  • a
  • -

52) Make up a special question starting with WHO to the following sentence: They are fighting now.

Answer the question using your own words

53) Write as many expressions with LOOK that can be used in the Present Continuous

Answer the question using your own words

54) Make up a special question starting with WHERE to the following sentence- The animals are in the room.

Answer the question using your own words

55) Write the three forms of the verb TO SWEEP

Answer the question using your own words

56) They have stopped ..... and started .....

  • to fight, dancing
  • fighing, dance
  • fighting, dancing
  • to fight, to dance
  • fight, dance

57) There won't be ..... dust

  • few
  • a few
  • many
  • little

58) Choose the right option

  • much money, much advice
  • many money, much advice
  • much money, many advices
  • much money, much advices


Fill the gap: They ________________________ now. (to saw)


Fill the gap: one volcano - three ________________________ one zoo-five ________________________


Match the items:
be afraidof
be brilliantat

62) The friends are fond ....working

  • of
  • at
  • in
  • on
  • at

63) The friends aren't tired ...

  • at working
  • of to work
  • of working
  • in worjing
  • on to work

64) Point to the fence


Fill the gap: The fence is green,. They ________________________ it. (to paint)


Fill the gap: The friends have got baskets. Bear ________________________ them to the friends. (to give)

67) The baskets aren't full ...raspberries. They aren't filled ...berries.

  • on, of
  • at, with
  • of, with
  • with, of
  • of, of

68) Point to the camomiles

69) Point to the lollipop

70) Make up a special question starting with WHAT to the following sentence: Panda has got a lollipop.

Answer the question using your own words

71) Point to a hive


Fill the gap: The animals ________________________ a lot of friends and they ________________________ fun now. (to have got, to have)

73) Make up a special question starting with WHY to the folowing sentence: The friends usually have a lot of fun

Answer the question using your own words

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