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Task description & scene summary

Task description:
here you can put in practice the professions and how to introduce someone in a group
Scene summary:
A famous person comes to a travel agency to buy some tickets and everybody is introduced to him.
Video length: 2 minutes 58 seconds
Video genre: Interview
Lesson type: Basic listening comprehension - Hearing check ("Can you make out the words being said?")
Student types:
Communicative function: how to introduce people in English
Language exam: Cambridge: First (FCE)
Copyright license: Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives License
First published: 2019-02-12, 12:46:24 (GMT+1)

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Video quiz questions (printable)

1) Mr. Moretti wants to travel to

  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Europe
  • South America

2) Put in order the next sentence

Fill the gap: Marie Lepage is from ________________________ and Mr Moretti is from ________________________

3) What is Cheryl's profession

  • Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Receptionist
  • Mailman

4) Cheryl introduces Marie to Giorgio Moretti

  • True
  • False

5) Put in order the next phrase

Put the words in order: me everyone Roberto. Bob, I am calls but

6) Join the name with the righ profession

Match the items:
Giorgio is aOffice Manager
Paul is aTour Guide
Bob is aTravel agent
Marie is aSinger
Cheryl is anReceptionist

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