The Yellow Lemon Tree

Anthih January 25, 2017

Scene summary and task description

The man is disappointed because his girlfriend never arrives.Listen to the song to see what is happening and how he feels.
Lesson type: Asking about the visuals: Memory game ("Do you remember a little detail you could see?")
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First published: 2017-01-25, 20:28:10 (GMT+1)

About the author

I am an EFL teacher in a primary school in Athens.

Video quiz questions (printable)

1) How does the singer describe the room?

Fill the gap: He describes it as ________________________

2) What is the weather like?

Fill the gap: It is ________________________

3) Why is this person bored?

  • He is waiting for somebody to come
  • He doesn't like staying at home.
  • He doesn't like the weather.

4) What is the man doing?

Put the words in order: the is around in man car. The driving

5) This person feels

  • lonely
  • happy
  • surprised

6) What can this person only see?

Fill the gap: This person can only see a yellow ________________________ tree.

7) What is he turning around?

  • His head
  • His hands
  • His arms

8) What does this person miss?

Fill the gap: He misses the ________________________

9) What does isolation mean?

  • being bored
  • being alone
  • being in the house

10) What did the girl tell him about yesterday?

  • The cloudy sky.
  • The planes in the sky.
  • The blue sky.

About the author

I am an EFL teacher in a primary school in Athens.


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