English ESL Too and enough Powerpoint presentations - Most downloaded (9 Results)

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  • Clauses of result (so - such...that) & Adverbs of degree (too - eno... - ESL powerpoints
    Clauses of result (so - such...that) & Adverbs of...
    By serene
    I prepared this ppt to help my students understand clauses of result with so/such...that, as well as the use of ´too´ and ´enough´ (adver...
  • Too or enough - ESL powerpoints
    Too or enough
    By maruka
    This funny game is created in order to understand the difference between too and enough. The students have to click the correct answer. E...
  • World Water Day - ESL powerpoints
    World Water Day
    By dogafeltham
    This is a reading about World Water Day suitable for Elementary, Pre-Intermediate students. It consists; 1. Warm up questions 2. Prepa...
  • too / enough - ESL powerpoints
    too / enough
    By ladypen
    Objective: Elicit too / enough sentences. Students llok at photos and say ( and later write) too / enough sentences. Good for transfotmat...
  • too or not enough - ESL powerpoints
    too or not enough
    By Keirenradainen
    it\'s a presentation with an excercise to practise too + adjective and not+ adjective + enough. Thre\'s a question first, theh the studen...
  • Correct the American president's spelling mistakes - ESL powerpoints
    Correct the American president's spelling mistakes
    By profholly
    Each slide shows a tweet or piece of text written by Trump or his administration. Students must correct his spelling mistakes. Best for F...
  • Greetings and Introductions - ESL powerpoints
    Greetings and Introductions
    By YouTubeESLJAM
    Objectives: 1. To be able to give greetings and make introductions. 2. To be able to ask about and deliver personal information. Sen...
  • Too (much/many), enough and very - ESL powerpoints
    Too (much/many), enough and very
    By Tatiana25011991
    A PowerPoint presentation with some brief explanation of the way to use the modifiers too, enough and very. After each modifier, there is...
  • Too and Enough - ESL powerpoints
    Too and Enough
    By Muhendra
    This ppt help teacher to teach the use of too and enough. it includes activity to help students practice. the tasks are to complete sente...
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