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Why A Woman Left Her Job At Saks To Run A Cookie Business

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Task Description
Talk about career changes, motivation, practice storytelling with simple past verbs.
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Scene summary
This video by Food Insider features Juls Waxman, who worked for department stores, like Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy's, for 20 years. With a six-figure salary, her career was set, but she ditched it all to bake cookies. Baked in Color is known for baking super colorful desserts, like rainbow cookies and Oreo brownie cookie cakes. She takes us behind-the-scenes of her shop to see how the cookies are made and why being in the cookie business brings her so much joy.
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2 minutes 39 seconds
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This resource is intended for:Business/professional students
Business/professional students
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Guess the end.
What did the woman do?
2. Guess the end.
Why did Jules ditch her career? Did she use to have a high income? How much?
3. Guess the end.
What happen to Jules after she ditched her job?
4. Guess the end.
Why did she say she quitted her job?
5. Unmix the sentence.
6. Choose the correct options.
What did Jules say she previously had?
She had a cookie business in college
She had a delicious cookie recipe
She had an incentive from Saks
She had a friend that helped her.
7. Choose the correct options.
What were two key factor for her business to take off?
help of her parents
help of social media
the oreo cookie cake recipe
strategy from retail
8. Fill the gap.
We tend to show a lot ofclassic rainbow cookies, anddrive our sales.
9. Guess the end.
When you feature a certain product color, how much do you tend to sell about this product?
10. Guess the end.
Where does she sell her cookies? What's her best-seller? How many cookies does she sell a day?
11. Guess the end.
In the beginning, who did she make cookies for? How much did she charge? How long did she take to start making profit?
12. Guess the end.
What was her marketing budget?
13. Guess the end.
What was her strategy? Did it work out (Was it successful)? Why? (not)
14. Guess the end.
What was her ROI? Does she get a salary like she had at Saks, now?
15. Guess the end.
Does she think it is worthy it? Why?
Vocabulary list
run a business
coordinate, manage a business
six figure salary
from 100,000 to 999,999
discard, give up, get rid of
pay cut/decrease
reducing a salary
get started
make it work
find ways to solve the issue
a set of instructions for cooking, including ingredients
go off
burst forth
light bulb
electric lamp
take off
rise, growth
sell in small quantities
show, give special focus
involve, impose
match up
to be equal to
have value, importance, precious
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