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The BIG English Quiz

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I made this fun team quiz for the last English lessons of term. It could also be used as a first lesson warmup for students above beginner level, or used multiple times with fresh questions. Students can work in small teams and make funny team names.

My original questions are:

Round one (Spelling):
How do you spell~?
1: kitchen
2: musician
3: restaurant
4: international
5: omelet
6: professional

Round two (Mystery Pictures):
I showed the students warped or very zoomed in pictures of objects and animals and they simply have to write down what they see. Prepare to get some funny answers!
I took the pictures from this website of solutions for a mobile phone game:

Round three (What's wrong?):
Students have to listen to and read the sentences and find the grammar mistake in each one. They then write down the correct word or grammar.
1: Do you want somewhere to drink? - something
2: Andy Murray is a man which plays tennis. - who / that
3: This is an book I like. - a
4: I’ve saw that movie last week. - I
5: Mrs. Rios has already prepare dinner. - prepared
6: I’ve just coming back from a trip to Australia. - come

Round four (Shiritori):
Shiritori is a Japanese game where you have to write down as many words as possible in a certain time (2 minutes is good). Each new word has to start with the last letter of the previous word. Choose a category which all words must fit into, such as, animals, foods, or verbs.

Round five (Q & A):
The students listen to the question and write down an answer.
1: What is the biggest man-made structure on Earth? The Great Wall of China (it’s over 4000 miles long!).
2: Which is the smallest prefecture of Japan? Kagawa.
3: What is the 20th letter of the English alphabet? T
4: What is the second largest country in the world? Canada (Russia – 17,075, / Canada – 9,985, / USA – 9,827,
5: What letter is between ‘Y’ and ‘I’ on a computer keyboard? U
6: How do you say thank you in Spanish? Gracias.
(By all means, change the questions if you want to)

Award prizes such as stickers to the winning team of each round, or simply award the team with the biggest total score at the end.
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The above lesson is a great teaching resource for:Elementary (A1), Pre-intermediate (A2), Intermediate (B1), Upper-intermediate (B2)
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