English ESL Prepositions: Phrase prepositions (e.g. by means of) worksheets - Most downloaded (29 Results)

  • English One book one  - ESL worksheets
    English One book one
    By ivanm527
    This book has been created as a way to help speaking Spanish speakers to learn English. Therefore students can fill this book so they can...
  • Road safety, traffic signs and directions - ESL worksheets
    Road safety, traffic signs and directions
    By colombo87
    This worksheet deals with road safety instructions, traffic signs meaning, prepositions and directions. Students have to write the meanin...
  • Dependent Prepositions (exercises) - ESL worksheets
    Dependent Prepositions (exercises)
    By tantana
    This worksheet deals with the following grammar point - dependent prepositions. It consists of three exercises. Key is provided on page t...
  • Intermediate Prepositions Part 2 + B&W + KEY - ESL worksheets
    Intermediate Prepositions Part 2 + B&W + KEY
    By kifissia
    There are 4 pages. Fill in the missing prepositions on the first. The second is a black and white. The third is the key and the fourth is...
  • Prepositions (Game 1)  Adjectives+Dependent Prepositions - ESL worksheets
    Prepositions (Game 1) Adjectives+Dependent...
    By tantana
    Photocopy the grid and give it to each student. Students add dependent prepositions to the adjectives in turn. The winner is the one who...
  • Four martial arts - ESL worksheets
    Four martial arts
    By RoyWang
    Martial arts are always attractive in the eyes of students an i hope this worksheet can pique students' learning interest. There are ques...
  • Prepositions  Revision test - ESL worksheets
    Prepositions Revision test
    By tantana
    This worksheet is a revision test dealing with different prepositions. It contains three exercises. Key is provided on page two. Hope you...
  • Recycling - Reusing - 4 pages Full Worksheet - ESL worksheets
    Recycling - Reusing - 4 pages Full Worksheet
    By ecemcengiz
    This worksheet includes different skills (Reading/ Use of English/ Writing/ Vocabulary Knowledge/ Thinking) to reinforce learning about ...
  • How well do you know Prepositions? (2) - ESL worksheets
    How well do you know Prepositions? (2)
    By tantana
    This is the second part of the set dealing with English prepositions. It consists of 18 sentences. Students have to choose correct answer...
  • Preposition + noun phrases - ESL worksheets
    Preposition + noun phrases
    By tantana
    This worksheet pays attention to English prepositions such as AT, BY, FOR and others plus different noun phrases. It consists of three ex...
  • verbs follow by prepositions - ESL worksheets
    verbs follow by prepositions
    By Lili27
    ss read the sentences and write the corresponding preposition: at, to, on, in, for, of, with or about. then they match the sentences with...
  • dependent prepositions_prepositions of time - ESL worksheets
    dependent prepositions_prepositions of time
    By beatwg
    revision of dependent prepositions in gap fill, plus prepositions of time without key for matura students or lower level I hope it wil...
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