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  • Song - Edwin Starr -  War - ESL worksheets
    Song - Edwin Starr - War
    By mete25
    One of the most famous songs of 70s , ' War ' by Edwin Starr. It is a song full of energy and understandable lyrics. It can be used for A...
  • Questions in the past simple - ESL worksheets
    Questions in the past simple
    By KatungaJay
    The objective of this worksheet is to briefly highlight how to write questions on the past simple. It is an information sheet and is best...
  • unit 7 vocabulary - ESL worksheets
    unit 7 vocabulary
    By khaleena
    the exercise above checks the students' comprehension and knowledge of basic vocabulary concerning life events, free time, food (adjecti...
  • I Need to Improve - ESL worksheets
    I Need to Improve
    By morenososa
    This is a dialogue. It's a conversation between a dance teacher and a student. She is worried about her practice, but the teacher helps...
  • End of Year Exam - ESL worksheets
    End of Year Exam
    By willwisher
    It is an exam paper designed for grade 11. It comprises Listening, Reading and Writing. The exam covers many themes like holidays, Olympi...
  • Time Expressions Ago / Yesterday / Last... - ESL worksheets
    Time Expressions Ago / Yesterday / Last...
    By Annu_can
    The worksheet is useful for learners whose mother tongue is Hebrew. It focuses on correct use of time expressions including "ago" and "la...
  • The Mates of Soul by Taylor John Williams - ESL worksheets
    The Mates of Soul by Taylor John Williams
    By JojoTeach
    Listening exercise with the song the mates of soul by Taylor John Williams, it is indeed a very good song to work with all levels of stud...
  • Shopping trolley obsession PART 3! MUST READ! - ESL worksheets
    Shopping trolley obsession PART 3! MUST READ!
    By Bastian27112017
    Again another part of the fantastic and creative story of the Shopping trolley series. This is a must read for students that have a high ...
  • Mensch und Meer - ESL worksheets
    Mensch und Meer
    By TeodoraV
    Leseverstehen zum Thema Umweltschutz. Selbstständige Arbeit. Verschiedene Aufgaben zum Verständnis. Ohne Schluessel. Thema Mensch und Mee...
  • Could you help me with my grades? - ESL worksheets
    Could you help me with my grades?
    By FedericoOrtiz
    The students have to write a letter to their school director asking for help with a grading situation with teacher, which they consider u...
  • Rewriting a thesis - ESL worksheets
    Rewriting a thesis
    By flewentine
    Rewriting a thesis means that the student has to revise the entire work that is reading it from start until end and making any sort of ch...
  • Relative clause - ESL worksheets
    Relative clause
    By izabela64
    This worksheet will help your students revise relative clauses, both defining and non-defining. I included some examples and also one exe...
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