English ESL Pre-intermediate (A2) worksheets - Most downloaded (34674 Results) | Page 2878

  • Formation of the simple past with EdPuzzle - ESL worksheets
    Formation of the simple past with EdPuzzle
    By KatrienVer
    In this animated clip about a birtday party formation questions about the simple past are inserted (regular & irregular verbs) Also simp...
  • the starting line - ESL worksheets
    the starting line
    By catalanneta
    It's a worksheet of the lyrics of a song by Keane that i really like. Students have to fill in the gaps and later, look at the dictinar...
  • Anastasia1997 -worksheet [part 2] - ESL worksheets
    Anastasia1997 -worksheet [part 2]
    By Natallia1994
    The worksheet introduces us with the wonderful and mystery legend of Grand Duchess Anastasia. It includes Pre-Watching, While-Watching, a...
  • Resistance - Muse - ESL worksheets
    Resistance - Muse
    By englishwithatea
    Listening worksheet on "Resistance", by Muse. Song activity. Students listen to the song and fill in the gaps with the words they hear....
  • Soho Dolls-Bang Bang Bang song - ESL worksheets
    Soho Dolls-Bang Bang Bang song
    By Katasonova
    Song for beginners, elementary and pre-intermidiate students. Worksheet with listening tasks. It is a trendy exercise song that will appe...
  • Up the wall with music - ESL worksheets
    Up the wall with music
    By obwo
    This speaking activity concentrates on the Topic Music. It consists of different bricks in a wall, these are filled with various incentiv...
  • Yellow by India Arie - ESL worksheets
    Yellow by India Arie
    By Sharyny
    This is an activity based on a beautiful youtube video of a song by India Arie. It is a good vehicle for discussing the associations bet...
  • Flu Season - ESL worksheets
    Flu Season
    By TaleahKGM
    Used to help students practice giving advice, specifically to someone who is sick. The target language is "Should/shouldn't". This ...
  • Finish Flag and Festivities - ESL worksheets
    Finish Flag and Festivities
    By carminagriset
    The objective of the sheet is to practice oral work. Also to learn how to express dates. It can be used as a pair work or as a whole clas...
  • List of New Vocabulary with Meanings - ESL worksheets
    List of New Vocabulary with Meanings
    By Manprit
    This list of some new Vocabulary will help you enhance your English Writing and Speaking too. This list enunciate new words along with th...
  • Guess Who game cards Xmas edition - ESL worksheets
    Guess Who game cards Xmas edition
    By trenadine
    Everyone should guess what is the title of the card heshe has. all cards have cards with Christmas symbols, so it's interesting to drill ...
  • Weekly Activities ESL LAB - ESL worksheets
    Weekly Activities ESL LAB
    By ADumaire7
    I love ESL LAB's website and use it all the time! I created those ESL LAB worksheets using what's already existing and I just did a fill ...
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