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Lesson Plan: Impacts of the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Hey Teachers,

As we all know, the most prominent global issue circling around our social media pages, TV, and conversations with family and friends is the coronavirus pandemic. In response to this, I spent the better part of my weekend digging around for and putting together a comprehensive lesson plan on the theme of the coronavirus, which you’ll find attached below in this post. In this lesson plan, I tried to focus more on the impacts of the virus rather than the nature of it, which was the focus of the lesson I posted here a few weeks ago.

The full lesson plan is free for the time being on Fluentize via the link below:

In the worksheets I posted here, you get the first half of the lesson. You can find the video as well as all the post-viewing activities and awesomeness on the actual Fluentize page for the lesson. It’s still free to download there if you register, and you'll get the whole thing, including the teacher's guide.

The lesson plan is geared towards an upper intermediate (B2) student level. It's based on a news report from Al Jazeera focusing on concerns over the mental health impact / aspect of the coronavirus pandemic. While it was tough to choose a video as the base for the lesson plan, this one struck me because it features some of the bright sides of the humanity in response to the pandemic - acts of kindness and it shows scenes of people coming together in times of crisis. I also couldn’t imagine a better video on the topic in terms of relevant vocabulary.

However, as you'll see in the lesson, we take the topic much further than just mental health and tackle all angles of the current situation, including the impacts on…

- Public life
- Education
- Business
- Healthcare
- Entertainment

From the creator’s standpoint, my favorite part of the lesson is the last bonus activity where you can dive into real-life ethical dilemmas and issues that have arisen as a result of the pandemic. This activity is available when you download it directly from the Fluentize page.

These dilemmas detailed on the last page of the lesson provide your students a chance to express their opinions, challenge students' speaking skills, and will be sure to get a lot of conversation stirred up on important topics related to the situation:

- People not following social distancing orders
- Dilemmas with ventilator availability in hospitals
- Donald Trump’s choice of words in a press conference
- Spending and the economy
- Price gouging of products like toilet paper

My next favorite activity in the lesson is in post-viewing (I) - on the prefixes. Rarely do I find a video where I can focus on such great examples of prefixes! The nerdy side of my language enthusiast brain really lit up when I realized I could make a little section of this lesson focused on prefixes. The following activity on the usage and functions of present participles as different parts of speech I also felt was one my better ones.

Again, you can find these activities on the ethical dilemmas, prefixes, and present participles when you download the lesson directly from the Fluentize page.

I also realize that many English language teachers have switched to online teaching. For those of you who have done this, I recommend trying out our interactive lesson plan, which contains interactive fields for your students to write answers within.

Also, when you do a Fluentize lesson online, we highly recommend using the platform Zoom and their remote control feature. The remote control feature allows students to take control of your screen during the lesson. You can do this by having your student request remote control of your screen, or you could also give control to the student. The reason this is so great is because it enables students to type answers in the interactive fields (download the 'Interactive Lesson' on the lesson page) of the lesson while you watch and help them with spelling and punctuation.

I’m hoping to release the mini lesson on Fluentize within the next day or so (which I'll do here as well), as well as some more lesson plans this week focusing around the coronavirus situation. I have a couple more videos I’m toying with and hope to get more out soon, so stayed tuned.

I wish all you good health and hope you have a meaningful lesson exploring this situation in detail with your students.

Happy Fluentizing!

- Jake from Fluentize
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