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Memory Race Lesson Plan

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A great activity for motivating students to learn and review vocabulary. I find it especially useful for words that students always seem to forget.

My students speak Japanese, so I have referenced that as such in the lesson plan.

1. Make 2-3 teams
2. Give everyone the worksheet with the material you want to cover
3. Go over the material with students
4. Then give them 5-10 minutes to memorize the material
5. Have one student from each team come up to the podium at the front of class
a. They cannot bring the worksheet
6. Place a single item on the podium
a. Something easy to grab is best, like a ball or stick or something
7. The teacher will say the Japanese for one of the vocabulary words
8. First student to grab the item can attempt to say the correct English
a. They get one point if they’re right
9. When a student wins, they immediately sit down and a new person from their team comes up
a. If a student loses twice, then they sit down and are replaced by a new team member
10. While students are up at the podium, the rest of the team members can continue studying the worksheet
11. Repeat the game, until you have sufficiently covered the material with students. Words can be repeated throughout the activity.
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