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7 Questions Talking Bingo with Role-play Cards

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This took forever to put together, but it was SO worth it!

Includes 3 Bingo cards and 17 Role-play cards.
I make everything in Open Office and then convert to Doc.. so check that everything looks right before using.

Start the class with the 7 target questions on the board.
I have the students ask me the questions and I answer them with the target answers.
Students ask each other the questions in pairs, then report their partner's responses if there's time.

Then I give the role-play cards. Students might need help with some pronunciations You might have to teach "Spouse, Swahili, Unemployed, and Household."

Next I hand out the Bingo cards… I explain how to play by having students ask me the questions (I use the Taxi Driver card). Go around and help them look for the info on their cards. They figure it out quickly.

Now students stand up and play! Monitor for correct target language…
I folded the top of the paper where the questions are when it looked like the students had started to memorize the questions.

Once students have a BINGO (5 up and down, 5 left to right, or 5 across) they can sit down. They don't have to ask questions, but they still have to answer.

After everyone has a BINGO, I have the students make sentences with their winning squares… ____ is a _____, ____ lives in_____, etc…

This lesson was designed for 1 hour class of adult (mixed) beginners and a 2 hour class of (pre) beginners.
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The above lesson is a great teaching resource for:Beginner (pre-A1), Elementary (A1), Pre-intermediate (A2)
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