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Lesson 2 stories and events

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Activity 1:
1. Teacher tells students about structure/grammar: relative clauses.

2. Teacher describes the usage of relatives clauses: who, that, which.

3. Teacher writes 4 sentences on the board as follow as:

- The boy who won the race is my brother.

- A band is a group that plays popular music.

- Mick Jagger is a musician who plays with the Rolling Stones.

- The Rolling Stones is a band that began in 1962.

4. Teacher describes “who is relative pronoun that is part of relative clause - who won the race”.

5. Volunteers underline relative pronoun in 3 sentences on the board.

6. Teacher describes “who and that for people, that and which for things and animals” as follow as:

- The girl lives next door. She’s friendly. The girl who/that lives next door is friendly.

- The dog bit me. It is dangerous. The dog that bit me is dangerous.

7. Students do exercise in task 1. 2 about relative clauses. 8. Volunteers read the answer about relative clauses.

Activity 2:

1. Teacher tells students about this topic: student is able to respond to questions with short answers forming questions to elicit information.

2. Student will be talk presentation about facebook and anyone’s information who became rich at a young age.

3. Students do task 1. 2 and teacher read direction and gives student listen.

4. Students look at facebook picture and tell the advantage of facebook.

5. Teacher reads 2 questions as follow as :

I. Do you use facebook?

II. What information about yourself do you include?

6. Students work in group (4-5 people per a group) and talk presentation about their facebook.

7. Students work in group (4-5 people per a group) and read the questions “do you know anyone who became rich at a young age? ” and search the answer.

8. Volunteers stand in front of the class room and talk presentation about anyone who became rich at a young age.

9. Teacher evaluates the ability of english speaking of students in each group about talking presentation about facebook and anyone’s information who became rich at a young age by using the English speaking criteria.
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Published 27/11/2022
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