Ball Name Game

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Students practice talking about themselves and try to remember things about their classmates, by throwing a ball back-and-forth.

Everyone stands up

Say, "My name is ~." Then throw the ball to a student. Students will also say, "My name is ~."

Students can sit down after they say their name, but they should remember who threw them the ball AND who they threw the ball to them.

After everyone has sat down, the last person should throw the ball back to the person they got it from, who then has to say their name again. The ball should come all the way back to the ALT.

Next, the person throwing has to say the name of the person they're throwing to, so "This is ~~."

Repeat this going all the way to the end and turning around just like before.

Next, say "I am ~~ years old." Then pass the ball all the way through.

Next, say how old the person you're throwing the ball to, so "He/She is ~~ years old." Or, "So-and-so is ~~ years old."

Repeat all this again, but with things like, "I am from ~~." or "I like pizza/dogs/Family Mart."

This game helps students and teachers get to know each other better and helps students remember how to say basic phrases, like "I am ~~." or He/She likes ~~."


Once students know each others names a little bit, have everyone stand up again and make a new order. Person throwing must say the name of the person they're throwing to.

Next, have students always try to throw to a new person.

Then, while students are trying to throw to new people, have them start saying new things, like "So-and-so is ~~ years old", or "So-and-so likes ~~."

If students forget, they have to ask someone, "I'm sorry, what was your ~~?"

Page BreakExample Sentences:

My name is...

He / She is...

Sorry, what is your name?

I like ... and ...

He / She likes ... and ...

Sorry, what do you like?

Last weekend, I ...

Last weekend, he / she ...

Sorry, what did you do last weekend?

My favorite ... is ...

His / Her favorite ... is ...

Sorry, what is your favorite ... ?

Color / Food / Animal / Singer / etc.

The above downloadable teaching material is best suited for at Beginner (pre-A1) level. It was designed for developing your learners' Speaking skills. It centers around the topic and words of Likes and dislikes.
Copyright License: This file is licensed by krahslucas under the Creative Commons Attribution License

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I'm a JET ALT in Japan teaching high school students of low to intermediate level. I really want to help my students learn the basics of English and learn how to appreciate and enjoy English. I've made a lot of games and miscellaneous lesson plans in my time, and I think I will be changing jobs in the near future, so I wanted to pass along all of my work, just in case it's useful to other people. Enjoy & Good Luck!

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