English ESL SO - NEITHER / NOR (meaning "too") Powerpoint presentations - Most downloaded (11 Results)

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  • World Water Day - ESL powerpoints
    World Water Day
    By dogafeltham
    This is a reading about World Water Day suitable for Elementary, Pre-Intermediate students. It consists; 1. Warm up questions 2. Prepa...
  • So/too/either/ neither - ESL powerpoints
    So/too/either/ neither
    By kieuptt
    This is a grammar lesson which follows P-P-P steps. The grammar rules are clearly explained. Some pictures together are also inserted so ...
  • So and neither  - ESL powerpoints
    So and neither
    By Wais1
    Example and practice Using so and neither: so am I, so do I, so can I, neither am I, neither do I, neither can I, in different situat...
  • So Am I, Neither Do I Theory - ESL powerpoints
    So Am I, Neither Do I Theory
    By Stefanou
    Just the same series of pictures which I used for the Study sheet which I created on the same topic (there is also an exercise sheet). Wi...
  • Agreeing and Disagreeing - ESL powerpoints
    Agreeing and Disagreeing
    By TeachTEFL
    Students will learn how to agree and disagree based on the question type and structure. Target expressions include: me too, same here, ...
  • Soo Too Either Neither - ESL powerpoints
    Soo Too Either Neither
    By Megapooh85
    A Spanish explanation on the use of soo too either neither with some examples, comments and important aspects to consider when working wi...
  • Too and Either - ESL powerpoints
    Too and Either
    By silajudith
    Too and Either Grammar in action to help your English lesson for pre-intermediate students. You could find information about and extra ...
  • Greetings and Introductions - ESL powerpoints
    Greetings and Introductions
    By YouTubeESLJAM
    Objectives: 1. To be able to give greetings and make introductions. 2. To be able to ask about and deliver personal information. Sen...
  • All every each both neither either - ESL powerpoints
    All every each both neither either
    By Chinola123
    Pronouns and Determiners: Each, Every, Either, Neither, Both the basic rules, usage and exercises for practice. They refer to individual ...
  • similarities and contrast - ESL powerpoints
    similarities and contrast
    By 44VERO
    Expressing similarities and contrast using tags (so do I. / neither do I, I do! / I don't!) Pupils must react to the pictures and the sym...
  • What do you have in common? - ESL powerpoints
    What do you have in common?
    By Tatiana25011991
    The PowerPoint presentation is made to drill the structures So/Neither...I (Me too/neither). It's focused only on present simple, but you...
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