English ESL Questions: Yes or No questions Powerpoint presentations - Most downloaded (15 Results)

  • Game: What's in the Box? - ESL powerpoints
    Game: What's in the Box?
    By teachertracyesl
    The objective of this activity is to encourage kids to speak up more, use their imagination and be able to make guesses based on hints th...
  • Black Stories puzzles and riddles - ESL powerpoints
    Black Stories puzzles and riddles
    By ewalustyk
    Its a game based on lateral thinking puzzles - black stories You are the master of ceremony and you know the solution The students ask 10...
  • Are You? Yes, I am - No I am not. - ESL powerpoints
    Are You? Yes, I am - No I am not.
    By TeacherTC
    Students have to answer "Yes, i am..." or "No I am not..." to a series of questions, with pictures to help them. They are quite easy to ...
  • Classroom Objects - ESL powerpoints
    Classroom Objects
    By Agushy
    A powerpoint presentation to practise spelling school object and also asking for them. For the last activity, I give students cards with ...
  • Jobs discussion activities - ESL powerpoints
    Jobs discussion activities
    By ference
    A lengthy presentation covering almost all aspects of jobs and work - best to print some of the slides for students to make notes, but mo...
  • Animals CAN - ESL powerpoints
    Animals CAN
    By gruszka84
    The ppt practices modal CAN in affirmatives and questions. It also consolidates animal vocabulary. There are lots of animal photos. It's ...
  • Types of Questions - ESL powerpoints
    Types of Questions
    By Tatiana25011991
    The presentation shows some types of questions in English. After a brief demonstration of the types, students have to complete some tasks...
  • Country Quiz - ESL powerpoints
    Country Quiz
    By kravch
    That is the power point presentation made in the form of the quiz about different countries. It consists of interesting facts about the c...
  • Board game - Food - ESL powerpoints
    Board game - Food
    By Emilijana
    I create these simple board games when I want to do revision with my students. I teach small classes and I need only one copy but if you ...
  • Let's go 1 unit 1 let's learn more - ESL powerpoints
    Let's go 1 unit 1 let's learn more
    By siriwanfon
    This is the presentation for let's go 1 unit 1 let's go more. It has questions and simple answers that you can use for asking the studen...
  • Present Simple: Daily Routines and Time - ESL powerpoints
    Present Simple: Daily Routines and Time
    By JasminESLteacher
    A PPT presentation to teach and practice the present simple tense. It focuses on 1st and 3rd person present simple, shows questions, affi...
  • Shopping Part 3 - ESL powerpoints
    Shopping Part 3
    By jamielee
    In this powerpoint presentation, we close the topic on shopping at the supermarket. In this presentation, it covers simple conversations ...
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