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  • ESL Worksheet of the day

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is the second part of the map-based vocabulary set "Getting Directions". You will find here 30 new buildings (all painted by 1pixel pencil, that took me 13 hours to finish it). The tasks repeat the structure of the previous part. But also I've designed 2 pages of tasks for the two maps at once. The KEYS are included. Your likes and comments will help to evaluate the work done, so you are welcome.
  • ESL Powerpoint of the day

    That's a fun game to project and check the general knowledge your students have by creating correct sentences with the superlative and the information shown. It's advisable to divide the group into trios or pairs so they can discuss the answers.
  • ESL Teaching tip of the day

    No resources needed - just you and a board. Get a student to draw a sad face on the board. Give it a profile. Elicit name/age/job/family members/preferences.... I guess the character should be the same age as the students in your class... Then ask, why is s/he sad? Tell the kids to use their imagination. Try to elicit responses using all tenses. (You can always have some picture prompts). Examples: present tense - it is raining, so he can't go out. Pres perfect: his dog has died. Past simple: his mum crashed the car. Asmany reasons as you can get! More examples: his mum won't cook his favourite meal/he didn't do his homework and his teacher shouted at him. He feels guilty because he didn't tidy his bedroom up.... He fell down and broke his leg....Write up about 10 of these and have the class copy them. Then say: Right class, we have got a time machine and I am fast-forwarding it one year. Now draw a happy face. Ask 'what has changed?' Go back to your original sentences and turn them round. 'It was raining and he couldn't go out, but now it's sunny.' 'His dog had died but now he has a new dog.' 'His mum had crashed the car, but she is OK and she bought a new car...' Etc. if you wan...

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