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  • ESL Worksheet of the day

    There are about thirty sentences. Each sentence is a cue to find a word. To help you ... count the number of dashes and you know how many letters you have to write.
  • ESL Powerpoint of the day

    This is a general knowledge quiz that I used with my middle school class, it gets the students working together to come up with the answers. It encourages speaking to one another.
  • ESL Teaching tip of the day

    Here is an acitivity for the last 10 minutes of the lesson,
    Check the following free game to motivate your students to improve their speling and word knowledge by competition.

    The students can play it from any Android installed phone or tablet.
    There are around 30 to 60 hidden English words at each game and the players try to find as much words as they can.
    Since it is a multiplayer online game it is suitable for group contest. And encourage the students to know more words to be a winner in the game.

    Each game take only two minutes.
    An English tutor from Latvia has advised the game to her students. And reported positive results.
    She also advised me to make this post here in isl collective.

    I hope you will find it useful for training purposes.
    Please feel free to request any modifications/enhancement to make it perfectly fits your needs.


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